Why The Smart money woman by Arese Ugwu is a must read

Why The Smart money woman by Arese Ugwu is a must read

I’m not good with making and keeping New Year resolutions but 2017 was a year I determined that I must set realistic goals for myself and attain them. One of the goals was to have read 52 books by 31 December 2017. With a full time job and other things to do over the weekend, I have only been able to read one this month and that’s Arese Ugwu’s The Smart Money Woman. I shouldn’t even be making excuses.

I love this book. I learnt so much from it that I had to take my laptop in the middle of reading the book and do a spreadsheet on my finances. There are so many things I want to do with money but it just seems the money is not just enough. It’s been a week after I read the book and I must say my biggest take away was learning how to give account for every income and expenses. I will not say it has been easy though but I am taking steps to being very disciplined with money.

Arese made this book very relatable with a story around Zuri and her friends and I can assure you this book is a worthy investment.  I got a copy from a House of Tara Store. There were lot of publicity stunts for some businesses like Bellanaija, luxury concierge, Women in Business (WIMBIZ) etc. but they did not distract me from the main purpose of the book.

These are some of the highlights:

  1. Don’t allow life happen to you; make it happen.
  2. Cut back on spending, save and invest more aggressively.
  3. You cannot take on everyone’s problem at the expense of your own.
  4. Keep it simple with budgeting.
  5. Marriage is not financial security. (I usually dislike when people tell me to just marry a rich man and I wouldn’t have to sweat my head over nothing. Why not emphasize on me being a rich girl?)
  6. Money brings out the monster in us.
  7. Your network is your network. She talked a lot about the WIMBIZ programs.
  8. Being entrepreneurial in thinking and being an entrepreneur are two different things.

There are some other books on managing one’s finances that I have read but this book beats them hands down. I liked everything about it and the action plans on managing one’s finances at the end of every chapter. You should get it for you and friends. Forget the ‘genderlistic’ title, this book is valuable to both males and females.

The book, ‘Say you are one of them’ by Uwem Akpan is the current book I am reading and I am loving it so far. Please is there anywhere In Lagos preferably on the mainland where I can trade in my new books after reading them except for Arese’s book though. The book, Smart money woman is a keeper for ages.

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