Looking for my Barack in Washington DC

Looking for my Barack in Washington DC

Yaayyy!!! I’m so excited. This is officially my first post on the blog 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

One of my favorite hobbies is to tour new places. I have gone on solo trips and driven about one to six hours on a mini vacation just to tour. Early this year, I was undergoing a training with a company I had planned to work for in North Virginia, USA. One of the major attractions to this company aside the free guest house in a posh area of town was its proximity to Maryland, Washington DC and New York.

Some guys in the guest house were talking about how great the National Cherry Blossom in DC was and how it would be nice to visit. Of course, as a Nigerian I wondered to myself why leaving my houses to just see trees would be worthwhile. But then I thought of other tourist places such as the White House, museums, Capitol building among others I could visit as well and it was all worth it after all. Surprisingly, there were lots of tourists to see the cherry blossoms. Above all, I was hoping to meet my boo, Barack Obama by luck.

A view of the Cherry Blossoms. I got this picture online

My friends and I eventually visited the White House, Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Cherry Blossom trees. After eating at Nandos and taking a break, we found out the museums were closed. Argggh! See what we got ourselves into because we didn’t leave the guest house on time.

Smiling at Cherry Blossom
These were close to the Cherry Blossoms


The Washington Monument…I had to buy this pullover in DC. It was really cold that day


Inside the Memorial building


Just outside the Lincoln Memorial


The White House


Here I was hoping my boo, Barack Obama gave a surprise visit to tourists and maybe all of us will be featured on Oprah’s show and CNN…#wishesanddreams


We took a picture of this while touring.


With my friends and work colleagues 🙂

Washington DC is a great iconic city to visit in the USA and I can assure you it is certainly worth every second of your time. I will advise you make use of the trains and buses in town, parking your car might be a problem. Getting a metrocard for public transport will be great. There are also tourist buses you can pay for too. friends recommended other places such as the National Mall, the museums (they are all free), Georgetown neighborhood and the movie theater in Roswell which has recliner seats. The best time to visit DC’s Cherry Blossoms will be between March and April.

I still owe DC another visit and hopefully to meet Barrack but since he will be leaving the White House soon, we can as well have lunch at his new house in DC and maybe with Michelle if I allow….hahahah!

Please in case you have been to DC, recommend other places not stated here a tourist can visit.

Thanks for reading 🙂 .

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  1. Welldone Gracie it’s great to have you back. Keep up the good work, hopefully your dream return to DC can become a reality so we can have a sequel to this piece…Keep writing Sister,Cheers!!!

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