Living the life

Living the life

Bora Bora Island- One of the places I look forward to visiting.

On the ‘Humans of New York’ page on Facebook, there was this featured story of a man that caught my attention. Let’s call him DD. He had lived in New York for most part of his life, had an apartment he was living in for free but he had always wanted to settle down in Atlanta, Georgia. A time came and he sold all he had and made THE MOVE. On getting to Atlanta, he found it hard to adjust to the way of life there especially the non-existent transport system in Atlanta as compared to New York amongst other things. He finally realized he could not cope and he moved back to NY. He felt bad for making the ‘wrong move’ as he was no longer entitled to the free apartment he had before and found it hard to get a job. One comment that stood out for me was someone saying at least he made the effort to fulfil his dream and that WAS A GREAT MOVE.

There are so many moves we will like to make but sometimes the fear of the unknown holds us back. By the time we have asked ourselves all the ‘what ifs’, we back out. For DD, I’m glad he made that move. He could have died unhappy about not moving to Atlanta as he had always desired. I remember the first time I needed to achieve some travel plans I always had. Most of my planned travel destinations were not places of interest for my friends. The only option I had was to go solo. What were the odds I thought? I am an introvert and my chances of meeting people will be slim and the thought of how much fun it would be with friends. A fellow blogger, Frances had these 12 months travel solo challenge she was doing and her experiences as she blogged about them was bae. I went online and I read about so many female solo world travelers having the fun of their lives. I caught the solo travel bug immediately. My first solo trip was a four-hour drive to Jacksonville, Florida, I drove myself, booked a hotel for two nights and had crazy fun. I met loving people that quelled all my fears of solo travel and since then I haven’t looked back. When I wanted to do a tour to Badagry earlier this month, no one seemed interested as they all claimed it was too far, I did not let that hold me back. My travel plans have not always been hitch free, I had planned a trip from the city where I lived in 2015 to Virginia Beach. I drove for five hours and I had so many things planned but none worked out as I had issues with my car on arrival (the mechanic gave me a heads up but I ignored) and all my itinerary failed. But I had a detour at an old friend’s house and that became the highlight of my trip.

It is 2017, I have told myself to LIVE. Last year, I worried for so many things and all that I feared came upon me. I just want to have fun this year. No matter what the challenges may be with some rearing their heads already, I will work on being calm and making the best of my life. I always want to look back at my life, beat my chest and say I rocked life to the fullest. I will take on trips like I have always wanted to do all my life either with friends or solo.

Living the life goes beyond travelling. It is abouby innTVt living a life without worrying, doing the things that you love, loving the life that you live and loving the people that matter.

“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”- Me before you, Jojo Moyes 

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