Cheers to 2016

Cheers to 2016

About yesterday….I took my last trip for the year to Badagry. I will blog about it soon.

As 2017 begins tomorrow, I am grateful that I have no regrets. I learnt valuable life lessons and did not throw in the towel to all the challenges that overwhelmed me and my family. I had expected so many positive things to happen for me this year. I was so full of life at the beginning of January that I was sure this was going to be AN AMAZING YEAR.

As the year went by, it was as though all the odds were stacked to my disfavor. I got this job I walked out on after three weeks because of some unethical practices I saw going on there. As I packed my stuffs out of the guest house we were lodged for training, I felt so much peace and was so confident something better was going to show up. My dear, that was how I waited for months with nothing concrete. I interviewed with great companies for fantastic job positions that I never got because my work visa in the foreign country was limited to just a year. I was heartbroken.

In April, I was supposed to re-subscribe for my former blog ( but I was not in the right frame of mind and I decided to chill a bit. That was how someone acquired the domain name and put it up on sale. In that same April, my baby brother told me he had cancer and as he fought the deadly sickness, he died a slow and painful death in August. I miss him every day, he was the closest person to me on earth.

I walked and looked like a wreck. My hair was abandoned which I ended up chopping off and I had serious migraine that painkillers couldn’t get rid of.  I remember always driving to this particular park just to wail and I wished there was a way I could just disappear from the earth for a month to get myself back.

December came and represented a rainbow after a flood. There were so many things I got that are worth celebrating. As I look back at the year that seemed like a million years in one, I cannot but be grateful for the grace of God to live through all the challenges I went through which will be too much to blog about.

I was blessed with a great support system; Mum, dad, siblings, aunties, friends, neighbor and my darling flat mates. I made new friends that held my hands, stood in as shrinks and listened to all my rants.

My greatest lessons for the year:

*** No matter the shit life throws at me; I must guard my peace of mind jealously. I went to great lengths to guard it even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone…. Next to God, I Matter before anyone else.

*** Always have a fuck off fund when you decide to depend on someone for assistance. A fuck off fund helped me to guard my sanity this year when some humans taught they were the only ones that could help me out of a situation.

*** Not every friend stays forever and that’s just fine. It’s life. It doesn’t mean they are good and I am bad or vice versa, life just happened.

I am rounding up with setting my goals and vision board for the year 2017 and I am so excited. I start a very interesting job in January 2017 and I am looking forward to it.

Have a great year my darlings. There is no other choice  we have got than to be positive about the new year.


How has your year been too?

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  1. God is definitely worthy to be praised, 2017 will be like rainfall upon a dusty ground for you. All will turn around for your favour.

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