Celebrating my boo of ten years

Celebrating my boo of ten years

My boo makes me feel this way sometimes.

I will never forget how I flirted with others going from one le boo to another. I tried almost all the varieties I could ever get but there was something about you that struck me. It’s been 8 years now and we are still together through thick and thin.

You get me really mad sometimes. You’ve gotten me so mad that I nearly threw my phone away; other times, I felt like smashing it to the wall. You bug me every day with your different calls and text messages. I still love you though. Through the years, a lot of friends have advised that I leave you for another. They felt I may have been jazzed but my faithfulness to you over the years has remained as solid as Olumo rock.  Yet we are going strong after ten beautiful years and hopefully in more years to come.

There were times when I left you for another and then other times, I made you my side boo but I just never felt right till I made you the number ONE and ONLY. There was a year you started messing up again and I decided to leave you for good. The day I did that was one of the worst days ever. I misplaced my phone and I just wasn’t feeling myself at work. I moved on to a new boo and he didn’t just treat me right like you do. As they say, the grass will always be greener on the other side but the water bills are higher too. Can you imagine that I even called to air my issues, but he didn’t even give me a lending ear? He was just playing Davido and Praiz’s music over the phone for hours unending. I got frustrated. I remembered the good times we had, when I called you and you were always right on time to quietly listen to me in the midst of my ranting.

I have lost count of the times we broke up, made up and the welcome back airtime bonus. Now that we get to celebrate our ten years together in 2016, I hope our love weathers through the storms of crappy networks in the future. I have concluded in my mind that I will be with you no matter what issues may come our way.

No one is perfect dear and I will always remember that together, we can work together on improving on our weaknesses. Even if you change your name in 2017 and beyond, my love for you will remain the same.

I love my Airtel line; we’ve been together for ten good years and counting *muah*.

No matter what they say about Airtel, I’ve got their back…hehehehe!

In spite of the break ups and make ups, I have used the same Airtel number even if it means going to their office to retrieve it after I have left it unused for a while.

How has your love/hate relationship with your mobile network or any other service provider been over the years?

Merry Christmas to you all…I hope your day and the season in general have been great so far.

 ***This was first published on my old blog but I edited some parts***

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