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I took this picture on the 10th of September 2016 at a friend’s wedding reception. It was exactly a month after my younger brother had died. I had psyched myself all through the day before to look cheerful compared to the unkempt self I had been all through the past 31 days. I was excited to meet old friends and I vowed not to mention anything about my brother’s death at the party. I took this selfie and I loved it. I had stretched my hair myself that morning and tried to apply some make up (something I hadn’t done in months).

September 2016 @ Charlotte NC

When I looked at this picture last year before I posted on FB, I missed me. I remember a friend sending me a message to say it was good to see me holding up well. I doubt I was holding up well. I had been a complete wreck of myself, everything about me was unkempt. I had just celebrated sleeping for four hours at a stretch few weeks to that day. To me, it was a big miracle. I had popped different pain killers and the headache pangs did not even subside. I had fallen into a slight depression. Social media even added to my fate. It was like everyone was celebrating one thing or the other and looking picture perfect while my life was crumbling. All that I hoped and worked towards failed despite all the efforts I was making. For the fear of going to the hospital and been given anti-depressants by the doctors, I chopped off my hair with the hope that would help. I was pouring cold water on my low cut to ease the headaches and it sure helped but not significantly as I had expected.

As I posted this picture on FB and looked at me, I wished my life at that point was as beautiful as the picture. Looking at this picture this night, I am jolted to remind myself that we all go through stuffs and pictures uploaded on social media does not define a person’s true state. Not one of us has a perfect life. Jesus Christ in all his righteousness and Steve Jobs with his billion dollars’ net worth did not have a perfect life.

The next time you see a picture of someone on social media and think your life is far from perfect and you feel you are lagging behind, remind yourself that each and every one of us are facing our own struggles and inner demons. Nobody will come on here to post pictures of him/her soaked in tears or of a moody face. We will shine that teeth and smile by force😂😂😂.

P. S- I had rather you do not write RIP or ‘sorry for your loss’ in the comment box. Thank you in advance😘😘😘😘.

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