2016 Loyalty accessory award

2016 Loyalty accessory award

I use a lenovo laptop for now…till when i get a MAC for myself, I will say Lenovo laptops are my favorite.

It’s just four days left and 2016 will be over. If I am to recount how the year has been for me, it will seem like I experienced a million years in one. In the midst of the difficult moments, I am grateful for the great support system I had; my family and friends.

I want to give a shout out to a few possessions that stayed faithful and loyal through my trying moments. My Samsung S4 phone nearly gave up on me. That phone stayed through for me. I have had to change the battery when it fell into water, the screen cracked twice then the sim port went bad but I am still able to browse with it till date but I just gave up on it too. My laptop of twenty months stayed faithful. This laptop hasn’t given me any cause for concern at all unlike other laptops I have had that would have had problems with either the charger or some other technical fault within a year.

I think my loyalty award will be to my corolla car even though I had to sell it in October. That car defined loyalty. I bought it last year when I was in grad school and needed something to just move around town. Considering that I was a newbie driver. I bashed it once and scratched more than once but it stayed faithful. Aside the problems that resulted after I bashed it, it bounced back to shape quickly. All I had to do was oil change once in three months and that was it. Together we drove across states for as long as fourteen-hour drive in two days.

As loyal as my corolla baby

Although I took it for diagnosis every time I had to take those crazy long trips, there was never any cause for alarm. There was a day, the mechanic advised I change its battery but I felt there was no cause for alarm yet. I remember driving for over five hours on the highway, got to my destination, parked, tried reparking and then the car just refused to start. I gave this car a big thumbs u that day. Can a car get faithful than this? Stopping on the highway would have just given me panic attacks but I was able to fix it that day.

As I put my car online for sale and different people called and came to check it out, I wanted to make sure my corolla baby will be in safe hands. As they offered and negotiated, a soldier came and gave me the exact cash I requested for. We had a test drive and he told me it was for his son. I was happy it was going to be in safe hands. Anytime I pass by a white corolla, I smile and wish my corolla baby was still with me.

Which of your accessories are you going to give the loyalty award for the year 2016?

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  1. I need a mechanic like yours that can read car symptoms right, not these ones that would make you change everything before figuring out what the problem really is.

    My most loyal possession would be my car too, I call her Omolara. She is so level headed and never gives me any problem.

    The most disloyal would be my foolish Acer tab, it started its wahala from the first day I bought it, I kept it cos I desperately needed it for exams.

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